November 18, 2021

Debt Financing & Venture Capital: An Unlikely Synergy | Ali Hamed of CoVenture

CoVenture’s has found an interesting synergy between debt financing and venture capital. In addition to making venture investments, they provide balance sheet capital to innovative companies that are financing new asset classes.

1 hour, 7 minutes
November 11, 2021

How Do We Teach 2B Children? Democratizing Access to Tutors With AI | Nhon Ma of Numerade

Numerade is creating the TikTok for STEM education by using short form videos and artificial intelligence tutors. During the chat, Nhon shared his extremely inspiring personal journey and if you follow the thread of his story it seems as though he was destined to start this company. We discussed the intricacies of Numerade, how learning varies by states and countries, how education is evolving in the US and so much more.

44 minutes, 1 second
November 4, 2021

Killing Debt With Tech To Save Americans with Jason Saltzman of Relief

Jason Saltzman is the Co-Founder, an app that helps people navigate the craziness when dealing with debt. During this chat we discussed the intricacies regarding debt in America, what it takes to build a strong community and strategies to make winning content on TikTok.

59 minutes, 30 seconds
October 28, 2021

Operator Turned VC: How Eniac Ventures Acts Like A Startup Player-Coach w/ Nihal Mehta

Nihal Mehta is the Co-Founder of Eniac Ventures, a successful seed venture firm that has invested in unicorns like AirBnb and Boxed. Before becoming a VC, Nihal was a serial operator which has helped him become the successful startup player-coach he is today.

46 minutes, 27 seconds
October 21, 2021

What WeWork Taught Us & The PR Playbook w/ Maureen Farrell of The New York Times and The Cult of We

Maureen Farrell is a reporter at the New York Times and the co-author of The Cult of We, a book all about the WeWork saga. During our chat we discuss WeWork and extract business lessons from its story + how founders can build and maintain media relationships.

44 minutes, 42 seconds
October 14, 2021

The Next VC Frontier & Inside Silicon Valley w/ Sam Lessin, GP at Slow Ventures & Co-Founder of Fin

Sam is, in the truest sense, a Silicon Valley insider. He’s a part of the Harvard tech mafia, friends with Zuckerberg and has built a few different tech startups. During our chat we discussed how he sees the VC model changing (he has some strong opinions on this which are great), the evolution of media and its business models, the differences between US and China government strategies towards tech and a whole lot more.

50 minutes, 33 seconds
October 7, 2021

US-China: Tech, Politics and Avoiding War w/ Zheng Huang of Committee of 100

Zheng Huang is the President of the Committee of 100, a US based non-profit leadership organization of about 100+ prominent Chinese Americans in a plethora of industries with a mission to help Chinese Americans thrive in the U.S. and to develop stronger relationships with China.

57 minutes, 18 seconds
September 30, 2021

VC Lessons From A VC Founder and Professor at Columbia Business School | Angela Lee of 37 Angels

Angela Lee is the Founder of 37 Angels, an investment network that activates female investors through an educational bootcamp. She is also a professor at the Columbia Business School where she focuses on teaching about venture capital.

44 minutes, 44 seconds
September 23, 2021

New Orleans: A Blossoming Tech & Innovation Hub with Hal Callais of Callais Capital

Hal Callais is a pivotal member of the startup and innovation scene in New Orleans and its surrounding area. We talk about everything from tech and innovation in New Orleans to the evolution of this ecosystem post Hurricane Katrina.

55 minutes, 34 seconds
September 16, 2021

How New York State Is Becoming the Cleantech Capital with John Lochner of NYSERDA

NYSERDA was established in 1975 to support clean energy and protect the environment. They're the government entity in the state of New York that is taking the lead to help drive innovation in the CleanTech ecosystem.

31 minutes, 51 seconds
September 9, 2021

The Playbook for Starting A Food Company w/ Mike Tarullo of Banza

Mike Tarullo is the COO at Banza, a food company making comfort foods using chickpeas. During our chat we do a deep dive into the world of food startups.

59 minutes, 16 seconds
July 22, 2021

Summer Break Announcement!

As you can tell from the title, this isn’t a normal episode. I just wanted to give a couple of quick updates.

1 minute, 26 seconds
July 15, 2021

Meet My Mentor: Lessons From Veteran Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur Jed Katz of Javelin VP

Jed Katz is the Managing Director at Javelin Venture Partners. Javelin is a premier VC firm that has invested in a ton of successful companies including a bunch of unicorns like Master Class and Thumbtack.

50 minutes, 28 seconds
July 8, 2021

How to Profit from NFTs & Redefining Professional Networking w/ Alex Taub, Co-Founder & CEO of Upstream

On this week’s episode I chat with Alex Taub. Alex is the Co-Founder & CEO of Upstream, a digital platform that is redefining professional networking.

53 minutes, 39 seconds
July 1, 2021

What LPs Wish GPs Knew According To One Of The Best LPs In The Industry, Beezer Clarkson of Sapphire Partners

On this week’s episode I chat with Beezer Clarkson of Sapphire Partners. Sapphire Partners invests in early-stage venture capital funds and Beezer leads their investment team, focusing on both domestic and international funds.

51 minutes, 38 seconds
June 24, 2021

Online Ordering Software for Restaurants w/ Noah Glass of Olo

On this week’s episode I sit down with Noah Glass, Founder and CEO of Olo. Olo isn’t a household name, but that’s by design.

59 minutes, 53 seconds
June 17, 2021

Tech-Enabling Children's Healthcare w/ Darius Monsef, Founder & CEO of Brave Care

On this week’s episode I chat with Darius Monsef, Founder and CEO of Brave Care. Brave Care is creating a new, better healthcare system for kids by providing primary, urgent & remote care catered just for them, 365 days a year.

57 minutes, 37 seconds
June 10, 2021

Digitizing the Lottery: How to Partner With The Government w/ Peter Sullivan, CEO of Jackpocket

On today’s episode I sit down with Peter Sullivan, the Founder and CEO of Jackpocket. Jackpocket is digitizing the lottery - allowing everyone to play the lottery from their phone.

57 minutes, 20 seconds
June 3, 2021

VC School Is In Session! Valuable VC lessons from a Harvard Business School professor Jeff Bussgang

On today’s show I chat with Jeff Bussgang, Co-Founder and General Partner of Flybridge Capital Partners, a Boston based VC fund with 700M under management.

48 minutes, 39 seconds
May 26, 2021

The Real Estate Tech Revolution with David S. Rose, Founder & CEO of US Real Estate Market

On this week’s episode I have a great conversation with David S. Rose, a serial entrepreneur who’s current venture is US Real Estate Market, also known as USREM.

58 minutes, 11 seconds
May 19, 2021

Building A $30B AUM Unicorn with Jon Stein, Founder of Betterment

On today’s show I chat with Jon Stein, the Founder and Chairman of Betterment. Betterment is an investing platform that helps people manage their money.

59 minutes, 57 seconds
May 12, 2021

The Midwest Startup Boom w/ Nick Moran of New Stack of Ventures

On today’s episode I catch up with Nick Moran of New Stack Ventures. New Stack is a VC firm based out of Chicago, IL that focuses on early seed stage investing.

50 minutes, 32 seconds
May 6, 2021

You Should Start Your Company In Atlanta | A convo with David Cummings of the Atlanta Tech Village, one of the country's largest innovation hubs

David Cummings is an entrepreneur who's on a mission to put Atlanta on the map when it comes to tech and venture capital. His current focus and passion is the Atlanta Tech Village, an innovation hub located in the heart of Atlanta.

50 minutes, 32 seconds
April 28, 2021

Techstars: Behind the Scenes of their Global Venture Capital Operation with Founder & Chairman David Cohen

David Cohen is the Founder of Techstars, one of the largest venture capital operations in the world. Since 2006 they’ve been on a mission to help entrepreneurs succeed and have invested in over 2,400 companies. David gives us a behind the scenes look of Techstars and their venture capital business model.

52 minutes, 40 seconds
April 21, 2021

The Future of Healthcare: In-Home Medicine w/ Zeel Founder & CEO Samer Hamadeh

Zeel started by providing in-home massage therapy, but looks a bit different these days. As you might suspect, the pandemic crushed their business and overnight their revenue went to zero. But in a time of crisis Zeel was able to leverage the logistics network they had built over the years to start offering in-home COVID testing. They’ve now expanded their services to include in-home medical services and have positioned themselves to be a pioneer in the nascent in-home-medicine market.

48 minutes, 27 seconds
April 14, 2021

Innovation in Los Angeles & Using Social Media as a Business Professional w/ Upfront Ventures Managing Partner Mark Suster

As the Managing Partner of Upfront Ventures, Mark Suster has helped Los Angeles, where he and Upfront are based, reach the national stage when it comes to venture capital. The landscape was totally different 20 years ago and Mark/Upfront is a big reason why.

41 minutes, 40 seconds
April 7, 2021

The Empathic VC: Supporting Founders & Giving Startups Time To Develop w/ Josh Stein of Threshold

As the Managing Partner of Upfront Ventures, Mark Suster has helped Los Angeles, where he and Upfront are based, reach the national stage when it comes to venture capital.

55 minutes, 10 seconds
March 31, 2021

This is How to Win in Venture Capital with Greycroft Co-Founder & Partner Ian Sigalow

VCs invest in startups and founders, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they always provide the support and patience that the founders need.

1 hour, 14 seconds
March 24, 2021

How VCs Get Money: The Capital Behind Venture Capital

Ian Sigalow is the Co-Founder and Partner of Greycroft, one of the biggest and most successful VCs out there

53 minutes, 31 seconds
March 17, 2021

Saving Earth by Inventing New Materials with Andras Forgacs, Co-Founder & CEO of Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is revolutionizing the materials industry by inventing brand new materials that can be used in our everyday lives.

43 minutes, 13 seconds
March 10, 2021

Legal Cannabis in America with Ryan G. Smith, Co-Founder & CEO of LeafLink

The full legalization of cannabis is approaching FAST and with it a multi-billion dollar industry looms.

40 minutes, 27 seconds
March 4, 2021

The Truth About Wine with Philip James, Founder & CEO Firstleaf

Philip James is the Founder and CEO of Penrose Hill / Firstleaf, a wine club for the modern age that uses data science to match the perfect wine for each customer based on their personal preferences.

52 minutes, 41 seconds
February 25, 2021

Teaching the World How to Code with Codecademy Co-Founder & CEO Zach Sims

Zach Sims is the Co-Founder and CEO of Codecademy, an education company that empowers people to transform their personal and professional lives by helping them learn modern skills.

February 18, 2021

Why Israel Innovates Faster & the Role of Community with Yaron Samid, Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of TechAviv

What is Israel doing to produce the most startups per capita, VC dollars spent per capita, and unicorns per capita? This pod episode is about the startup, tech, and venture capital ecosystem in Israel that has helped it turn into an innovation hub.

1 hour, 6 minutes
February 11, 2021

Inside a Mega VC & University Entrepreneurship with Partner Peter Boyce II Partner at General Catalyst

Peter Boyce II is a Partner at General Catalyst, one of the preeminent venture capital firms out there. General Catalyst makes early-stage investments while backing exceptional entrepreneurs who are building innovative technology companies and market leading businesses.

1 hour, 8 minutes
February 4, 2021

Tech-Enabled Parenting, Marketing Wizardry and Activating Communities with Lisa Barnett Co-Founder, President, and CMO of Little Spoon

Lisa Barnett is the Co-Founder, President, and CMO of Little Spoon, a fresh, direct-to-consumer baby food and early childhood nutrition company reinventing the modern parent’s experience of keeping their child happy and healthy.

1 hr 14 min
January 28, 2021

Winning in the Enterprise Space & the Future of Work with Jeff Wald Founder of WorkMarket

Jeff Wald is the Founder of WorkMarket, an enterprise software platform that enables companies to efficiently and compliantly organize, manage and pay freelancers.

51 minutes, 39 seconds
January 20, 2021

The Truth About the Space Industry with Max Haot CEO of Launcher

Max is the CEO of Launcher, a company that's developing the world’s most efficient rocket to deliver small satellites to orbit.

1 hour, 20 minutes, 22 seconds
January 14, 2021

Rebuilding the World Trade Center after 9/11, office space in a COVID shaped future, and the #1 investment to make in life with Tal Kerret of Silverstein Properties

Tal Kerret is the President of Silverstein Properties, a real estate development and management firm based in New York City.

48 minutes, 26 seconds
January 9, 2021

Innovation with Mark Peter Davis

I believe innovation is hope. We live in a world full of challenges.

45 seconds