With hundreds of team members Interplay has one of the largest operating platforms in the US.

If we invest, cofound or incubate your company you’ll be able to take advantage of it.


Interplay partners with highly organized and driven individuals to start new companies.


• Partner with serial
• High success rate
• Platform of resources

We have built companies that provide core services (e.g. insurance, marketing, accounting, etc.) to more than 10% of all venture-backed companies in the US. The leadership of these companies serve as your advisory board, reducing headaches and allowing you to scale.
Hundreds of people apply to join the Interplay team every week. We help match that talent with your company, making some of your most difficult hiring easy.
All VCs are connected, we are too. But with roughly 500 people on the platform team our collective network and reach is massive. We can help you connect with customers, partners and investors.
Our entrepreneur communities host thousands of innovators at roughly 100 events each year around the world. These events offer founders an incredible opportunity to connect and learn.

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