Welcome to the Interplay Blog

October 26, 2021

Welcome to the Interplay blog. It’s exciting to finally say that. We’ve been tiptoeing around this idea for a while and now the time has come. 

As some of you may know, I used to be an active blogger writing 4-5 posts per week in the early 2010s, but this is going to be a bit different. This is a group project. Something that the entire Interplay ecosystem will contribute to because sharing the lessons and knowledge we’ve learned along the way is an essential part of the Interplay ethos.

Think of this as a behind-the-scenes look into what goes on at a venture capital firm. A startup. A growing company. An incubator.

In my humble opinion, it’s vital to always take a stroll in the other person’s shoes. Understanding - or at least trying to understand - someone’s perspective and where they’re coming from is crucial in all parts of life, and business is no different. Investors should know the good, bad, and ugly of what’s going on at startups... and vice versa.

As we all know, everything in the business world is connected, and… wait for it… interplays with one another.

That’s why the goal of this blog is to be a hub of knowledge that people can draw from when they’re looking for information on a topic they don’t have experience with or are curious why someone across the table has their particular perspective.

Now, why should you pay attention to this blog? I believe Interplay has a unique vantage point because of how we’re set up. 

Interplay is an ecosystem where ideas scale. Our mission is to accelerate humankind’s potential by streamlining the journey of the entrepreneur. To do so, we’ve built an ecosystem that covers all of the major needs a founder, startup, or LP has.

Our ecosystem is made up of:
Interplay Venture Capital
  • This is the venture capital arm. We’re generalist investors that focus on Series A. The group is extremely active and always looking for new companies, so feel free to engage here.
Interplay Incubator
  • This is our incubator that works with early-stage startups to build a strong foundation so they’re ready to scale. Apply here.
Interplay Family Office
  • Interplay's family office is a private community for families that seek to create wealth, prepare for geopolitical changes and allocate assets towards society transforming endeavors. By leveraging our deep network in the key innovation sectors we access alternative assets that uniquely can provide material wealth appreciation and positive social impact.
Interplay Foundry
  • We partner with highly organized and driven individuals to start new companies. You don’t need to have an idea; we’re seeking raw talent. We’re serial entrepreneurs with a high success rate. We’ll leverage our experience and platform to set you up as the CEO of a successful company.
  • Over the past decade, we’ve built a collection of nine companies that offer core operating solutions for business at all stages of growth. These companies include:
  1. Bowery Legal: High-Growth Company Law
  2. Chelsea Capital: Alternative Finance, Accounting, CFO, Tax
  3. Firon Marketing: Marketing Services (websites, SEO, SEM, content)
  4. Founder Shield: Commercial & Health Insurance
  5. Spark Digital: Tech/Product Development
  6. Spoke: Outsourcing (customer service, virtual assistants, data entry, etc)
  7. Thunder: Democratizing access to capital by connecting investors and founders using a double opt-in protocol
  8. Truman James: Office Space
  9. Venwise: Peer-Group Learning
  • We manage roughly a dozen communities that cover a variety of topics. Find one that fits your needs to connect with like-minded people and build your professional network.
  • We are trying to create content that helps people learn about the world of venture capital and startups. We currently have two main pieces of content:
  1. Innovation with Mark Peter Davis: Hosted by yours truly, this is a podcast where I interview innovators about their strategies, industries, and decisions. Through fireside chats, I try to learn from some of the brightest minds around the world and extract some useful business insights that people at all stages of their careers can utilize.
  2. Blog: As described above, this blog is meant to turn into a hub of knowledge about the world of venture capital and startups. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to let us know here.

Thanks for reading. I hope there’s a way we can work together soon.