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We partner with highly organized and driven individuals to start new companies. You don’t need to have an idea; we’re seeking raw talent.

We’re serial entrepreneurs with a high success rate. We’ll leverage our experience and platform to set you up as the CEO of a successful company.






What does the foundry do? (01)

How is it different than the incubator?(02)

May I apply to become a CEO of a new venture? (03)

Do I need to have an idea to cofound a venture? (04)

Are you accepting applications at your existing foundry companies? (05)


Interplay’s foundry starts companies from scratch. We generally partner with one person to build an entirely new company around a new idea. We’re veterans at building companies, so we love doing this.

The foundry builds completely new companies from scratch. The incubator helps existing companies scale. So that’s the difference – the foundry is where we cofound new companies.

If you’re interested in becoming a cofounder and CEO just apply. We’re obviously selective, but we’re more focused on underlying talent than experience and we’re equal opportunity employers.

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No. The foundry almost exclusively starts businesses that are the idea of Interplay. If you have an idea, we’ll listen, but you don’t need one.

Always. If you’re looking to join an existing company just submit your application here and our talent machine will get you sorted.