We’re excited to welcome the latest partner to join the Interplay ecosystem. Christian Mark will be overseeing Investor Relations across all verticals. We deeply value our partnerships with LPs and put a lot of effort into providing the best experience possible. This is an exciting hire as we expand those efforts and dedicate resources to them. To learn more about Christian, we put him through the Q&A gauntlet. Get to know him - and his vision for our investor relations program - a bit more from the official press release and the Q&A below.

  1. What will you be handling as the head of Investor Relations here at Interplay?

    I’ll be wearing several different hats, but the main goal is to exceed expectations by way of creating new/improving existing processes and growing the Interplay brand in the venture and investor communities.  I’m also excited to provide strategic guidance on product development and launches.
  1. Why is investor relations important to the Interplay ecosystem?

    As the Interplay machine continues to improve and institutionalize, it’s important that we continue to execute on a best in class investor relations program.  Our goal is to deliver excellence across the board, and white glove service to our existing and new investors is a huge part of that.  We are not a transactional firm; we believe in forming meaningful, long-term relationships with all our partners and investors.  
  1. How will your previous experience influence your new role?

    I’ve been focused on working with existing investors and forming new relationships for the better part of 14 years now.  I feel like the first half of my career thus far - on the corporate side of investment management (PIMCO, Russell Investments) - provided the right foundation early on in terms of what to do (and what not to do).  I’ve worked with the majority of investor types at this point (across the family office and institutional spectrum), and having that context has also helped navigate the market in a smaller team structure more recently.  So, in short - being in both corporate, structured environments and smaller, entrepreneurial environments have been very influential and I’ve been able to extract best practices from the two worlds, fortunately.
  1. What makes you excited about this opportunity with Interplay?

    The Interplay family has immediately welcomed me with open arms!  I feel like I’ve found the right home, which is a somewhat rare and refreshing feeling in the professional world.  With all the recent momentum and brand awareness that the Interplay ecosystem has experienced, it feels like the sky's the limit and a great time to be joining an incredible team.
  1. Alright, on to some personal questions. The work day is done. Your chores are complete. There are no family obligations. What are you doing with that free time?

    Productive choice: running Central Park with my wife to collectively clear our heads.
    Unproductive choice: Eating a large plate of pad thai while binge watching a TV show.
  1. Where is your happy place?

    I’m usually happiest on a beach…St. John, USVI or Anguilla, BWI.
  1. Lightning round:

    Last IRL concert you went to: Widespread Panic at the Beacon!
    Favorite restaurant in NYC: Tough to choose just one…but a top contender this year is Dame - tiny restaurant in Greenwich Village with excellent seafood. 
    Last TV show you watched: Severance on Apple TV+.  Highly recommend.
    Most memorable outdoor experience: Shark cage diving in Cape Town, South Africa is up there.
    Dogs or cats? Dogs, 100%.
    Must bring item to the beach: Pro Kadima (paddle game) - I’m obsessed!