This week I chatted with Zheng Huang, President of the Committee of 100. Founded by I.M. Peiand Dr. Henry Kissinger in the 80s, Committee of 100 is a US based non-profit leadership organization of about 100 + prominent Chinese Americans in a plethora of industries  with a mission to help Chinese Americans thrive in the U.S. and to develop stronger relationships with China.

Besides the Committee of 100, Z has a long history of serving to strengthen US-China relations. He helped Intel penetrate the Chinese market as the managing director, he advised on Chinese relations as a White House fellow, and right before C100, he was the chairman of Business Connect China. 

Z is absolutely brilliant and during our chat we cover a lot.

We discuss a brief history of Chinese American experience in the US, we talk about the current state of US-China relations, how the US and China can avoid going to war, and how these two countries differ in their approach toward tech and entrepreneurship. 

It was a fascinating conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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