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We partner with existing early-stage companies to help them succeed and scale.

We’re hands on. We take a focused approach to incubation, working with a relatively small number of companies at once. As a founder you’ll be able to leverage our knowledge, platform and connections to accelerate your growth.


What are we looking for when selecting companies?
We’re looking for potential - great teams and a great vision that need help getting their business to the next level. Our incubator program is designed to set companies up to scale.
What do incubator companies get?
A few things:

One of the partners at Interplay will be personally assigned to your company. We will define a handful of specific objectives that we feel are crucial for your company’s success and personally work with you to see them through. It’s hands-on-blocking-and-tackling to set you up to scale.

We will also put you through a personalized executive education program designed to give you the basic operational skills you will need to grow through the next steps of your business: accounting, fundraising, legal, marketing, outsourcing, etc. This will be done through a series of one-on-one meetings with CEOs of companies actively operating in these spaces at the highest level.

You’ll get access to a suite of program perks including: $100k in service credits to AWS, a free year of and much much more.
How long is the program?
Typically three months but can vary by company.
Do I need to move to New York City?
No, the program is remote with regularly scheduled video meetings with Interplay partners and advisors.
How much does the program cost?
If you are accepted into the program we will ask you for some equity in your company but there is no cash cost to you.
How much money does the incubator invest?
The incubator does not provide capital as part of the program but our venture fund reserves the right to participate in future fundraising rounds.

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