Who are you?
Interplay Ventures is a New York City-based venture capital firm focused on investing in technology-enabled businesses between Seed and Series B.
What is your focus?
We are a generalist fund that invests in growth-oriented businesses across a diverse set of industries. We look for businesses positioned to succeed in verticals with large addressable markets.

We only invest in businesses that have demonstrated quantifiable financial and operational fundamentals, including a scaling customer base, early product-market fit, and (typically) real revenue growth.

We primarily invest anywhere in the US.
What is your deal process?
We have clear and defined investment heuristics and strategy. This enables us to get to yes - or no - very quickly. We understand what it's like to run a company and respect entrepreneurs' time.

We do not lead deals; we prefer to co-invest. We co-invest in rounds with other well run firms.

It’s not uncommon for us to commit before a lead has been selected and to make introductions to friendly VC firms to help founders secure their capital.
How does Interplay add value?
We work in the service of our limited partners and founders. We believe that venture capital is just another service business and we know service businesses well.

We are operators - so we like to help with operations. We help founders with everything that happens between board meetings: sales, marketing, HR, strategy, culture and beyond.  

We spent the first 5 years of the firm’s life co-founding service companies to help startups scale and support the growing innovation ecosystem. Our services platform supports over 10% of all venture-backed companies in America today and we currently employ over 400 people. There are three ways that this platform helps founders:
  • Through this platform we have hundreds of individuals that can help make introductions to potential partners, customer and acquirors.
  • Our platform attracts a lot of talent and we pipe that talent out to the companies we back.
  • Our service company CEO’s act as advisors, filling operating knowledge gaps in core areas such as accounting, tax, engineering, marketing, insurance and beyond.

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